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The Center for Aesthetic and Preventative Dermatology

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"Where the goal is healthy skin from inside, out."



OUR MISSION is to provide a holistic patient education, and to use our expertise, our empathy, and our excellence in patient care to provide a premier patient experience.

We believe that a doctor and a patient become a team for the individual's dermatological care. Dr. Clark evaluates your skin problems by considering the health of all of your organ systems. Your diet, activities, stressors in your life, medications you take, medical conditions, or your environment may be causing or exacerbating your skin condition. She listens carefully to understand your concerns and evaluates all of the potential contributing or confounding factors, and the complex interactions between all of our body's systems, before responding with the best treatment options for your particular situation. Recommendations may include alterations of diet, exercise program, topical skin products, supplements, stress management techniques, and medications.

Dr. Clark is a highly-skilled advanced injector of all dermal and deep fillers and botulinum neuromodulators with over 20 years’ experience and owns and operates numerous medical devices for the treatment of the full range of aesthetic concerns. She trains other physicians in these treatments and is among a core of aesthetic dermatologists recognized around the country for their skill, intelligence, and artistic eye. She knows that the best responses to aesthetic procedures are obtained when a patient’s health and nutritional status are optimized. Her store offers medicated products to rejuvenate and repair skin and minimize the number of procedures that might otherwise be required.

With the help of our professional staff, Dr. Clark also follows up to make sure that discomfort is relieved, problems are resolved and your health improves. Your satisfaction and happiness are our goals.


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