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To all of our very dear patients:
The outbreak of COVID-19 has been rapidly evolving over the last few weeks and days. The health and safety of our patients and staff has been and will continue to be our highest priority. Our practice is closely monitoring the situation and strictly following the guidelines recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We continue to see patients, as we know you need to be able to visit your doctors.
We take matters like this seriously and are taking every measure to reduce the spread of illness in our practice, including, but not limited to: 
• The 24-hour use of special air filtering equipment that removes viral particles from the air including the flu virus and COVID-19. Our filters clean the air in each room 6 times per hour, and remove particles down to 3 nm (the COVID-19 virus is 70 to 90 nm in size).
• Sanitizing Stations are available to patients and visitors
• Sanitizing frequently touched surfaces and equipment multiple times a day such as chairs, iPads, doorknobs, etc.
• Screening all incoming patients and visitors in-person and over the phone
• Closely monitoring our employees and any of their symptoms that may arise
   Frequent hand washing with Cln wash, which is more effective against viruses than hand sanitizers.
   Sanitizing bombs for all patient areas
We have contingency plans in place to allow us to continue to care for your needs.  We are offering telemedicine services to all patients via Doxy.Me
Please follow the link below:
If you are not feeling well or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 infection, please discuss this with us before coming to the office. The symptoms of this viral infection include fever, dry cough, sore throat, fatigue and muscle aches. It feels similar to getting the flu, but it not like coming down with a cold. We recommend you have the flu shot, perhaps at a local pharmacy, as soon as possible if you have not already done so, to avoid confusion with COVID-19 infection.
Any travel outside of the U.S. in the past 30 days must be disclosed to our office prior to your appointment. 
Our practice will continue with normal business hours. We will monitor the situation and take all necessary and precautionary measures to ensure safety for our patients and staff.
As long as we are able to continue to keep our office open, we are here to serve your aesthetic needs as well. Patients have told us how much they appreciate this given how much free time they have at home and how busy they normally are and find it difficult to come in for these services.
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our office at (212) 750-2905 or email us at .
For more information, visit the CDC's website for the latest news and safety tips on COVID-19.

If we help each other, I am confident this pandemic will not be as serious as some are saying. New Yorkers have always great in a crisis. There are new and effective treatments on the horizon.

Sheryl Clark MD



OUR MISSION is to provide a holistic patient education, and to use our expertise, our empathy, and our excellence in patient care to provide a premier patient experience.

We believe that a doctor and a patient become a team for the individual's dermatological care. Dr. Clark evaluates your skin problems by considering the health of all of your organ systems. Your diet, activities, stressors in your life, medications you take, medical conditions, or your environment may be causing or exacerbating your skin condition. She listens carefully to understand your concerns and evaluates all of the potential contributing or confounding factors, and the complex interactions between all of our body's systems, before responding with the best treatment options for your particular situation. Recommendations may include alterations of diet, exercise program, topical skin products, supplements, stress management techniques, and medications.

Dr. Clark is a highly-skilled advanced injector of all dermal and deep fillers and botulinum neuromodulators with over 20 years’ experience and owns and operates numerous medical devices for the treatment of the full range of aesthetic concerns. She trains other physicians in these treatments and is among a core of aesthetic dermatologists recognized around the country for their skill, intelligence, and artistic eye. She knows that the best responses to aesthetic procedures are obtained when a patient’s health and nutritional status are optimized. Her store offers medicated products to rejuvenate and repair skin and minimize the number of procedures that might otherwise be required.

With the help of our professional staff, Dr. Clark also follows up to make sure that discomfort is relieved, problems are resolved and your health improves. Your satisfaction and happiness are our goals.


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