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May 13, 2013
Category: Fillers

Here's an update on our newest filler,  Beletero. This hyaluronic acid filler spreads like spackle in the upper layers of the skin, making it perfect for the fine lines around the mouth and on the upper lip. Since it does not swell or become lumpy after injection, it is also great for the lips that need just a little more fullness (I am very careful to be conservative here), for shadows and bags under the eyes, or for a hooded eyelid above the eyes that needs a little lifting, as well as above the eyebrows, where we can develop depressions and wrinkling as we get older. Because it is composed of different size particles of hyaluronic acid, it intercalates and fills in all the little openings in the skin, leaving a very smooth finish. It also does not cause a Tyndall effect, which means it will look perfectly normal in color no matter how highly in the skin it needs to be placed.

I am very happy with this new filler, and so are my patients!

Contact us for a cosmetic consultation today to see if Beletero is right for you in these problem areas.  Contact Us

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October 22, 2012
Category: Fillers

The new hyaluronic-acid filler for fine lines, Belotero, is here! This carefully-designed filler fills the need for injections of the superficial wrinkles we call rhytids, rather than the deeper furrows. This is the first time we have had a filler for these fine lines since the discontinuation of Cosmodern. It has been received the CE mark in Europe, and now is approved by the FDA.

Because, unlike other fillers, it intercalates between connective tissue bundles seamlessly, it spreads smoothly in the areas in which it is injected and does not form lumps or bumps. It is also an opaque filler in this skin, so that it can not cause any blue shadows. It is thus perfect for the hollows under the eyes.

Before & After Photos

Crow's Feet


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By Sheryl Clark MD
August 30, 2012
Category: Fillers

Is it possible to have fillers injected in the face, or hands, to correct the effects of aging, without pain?

I believe the answer is yes. At the very least, with a little extra time and care, the pain can be reduced to a level of mild discomfort.

For example, for the lips and nasolabial furrows, I can apply a little viscous xylocaine inside the mouth with a Qtip, then inject tiny amounts of xylocaine inside the mouth.  These injections really don't hurt, and after five minutes, the lips and furrows near the mouth can be injected quite comfortably.

In addition, new blunt-tipped cannulas can be used for many areas, and this not only diminishes discomfort, but also bruising and irritation to nerves.

Make an appointment today to discuss facial recontouring, or smoothing furrows and lines of your face, neck, chest or hands. We can do it in a way that will be very comfortable and safe for you!

Less Bruising and Discomfort with Filler Injections

I am seeing impressive results with a new technique for injecting fillers to the face, hands, and chest: microcannulas.  Tiny blunt-tipped cannulas are used rather than sharp needles to place the filler where desired. I have thus far seen a complete elimination of bruising with this technique, and patients find it to be less uncomfortable.

This is a technique only recently taken up by advanced injectors of various filler substances.  I am loving it! Please ask us about microcannulas on your next visit.