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You can reduce the harmful effects on your body, in terms of increased catecholamines and stress hormones, of missing sleep by taking short naps during the day!

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This is an amazing story, about a 90 year-old woman who still practices yoga and the flying trapeeze, and dances the tango.  I can help you to be able to behave as young as you feel. Diet and specific types of exercise and supplements can make a world of difference.

I will turn 90 next month, and I feel physically as good as I have ever felt and mentally even better.

A shocking article in the New York Times on May 25th deserves your attention. The most healthy elements in our fruits and vegetables have been eliminated from much of what we eat, in the name of making them taste sweeter or less bitter. It is not enough to eat the common fruits and vegetables you find in your grocery store.   Corn for example, which originally provided 99.5 mg of the phytonutrients anthrocyanins per 100 grtams of dired corn, now provides only 1.54 mg per 100 gram of dried white sweet corn.  These nutrients are essential to fight cancer, calm inflammation, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, protect the aging brain, and reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Please follow this link, and read the entire article and its illustrations.