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By contactus
October 14, 2011
Category: Melanoma
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Did you know that one person dies of melanoma every hour?

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By Sheryl Clark MD
October 14, 2011
Category: Psoriasis

Evidence is mounting that there is a link between psoriasis and the metabolic syndrome.  Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and increased lipids occur more commonly in those with psoriasis. A recent study in the Archives of Dermatology found that 40% of US adults with psoriasis had the metabolic syndrome (Thorvader et al, Arch Dermatol/vol 147, no 4, Apr 2011).

My patients with psoriasis are screened for high blood pressure or serum lipids, diabetes, and obesity (especially truncal obesity, where fat accumulates around the waist).

If you have psoriasis, please see your doctor yearly to screen for these abnormalities.