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By Sheryl Clark MD
August 30, 2012
Category: Fillers

Is it possible to have fillers injected in the face, or hands, to correct the effects of aging, without pain?

I believe the answer is yes. At the very least, with a little extra time and care, the pain can be reduced to a level of mild discomfort.

For example, for the lips and nasolabial furrows, I can apply a little viscous xylocaine inside the mouth with a Qtip, then inject tiny amounts of xylocaine inside the mouth.  These injections really don't hurt, and after five minutes, the lips and furrows near the mouth can be injected quite comfortably.

In addition, new blunt-tipped cannulas can be used for many areas, and this not only diminishes discomfort, but also bruising and irritation to nerves.

Make an appointment today to discuss facial recontouring, or smoothing furrows and lines of your face, neck, chest or hands. We can do it in a way that will be very comfortable and safe for you!

Less Bruising and Discomfort with Filler Injections

By Sheryl Clark, MD
August 28, 2012
Tags: fat reduction   media   honors  

An interview with Dr Clark by Cheryl Wills of NY1 discusses the benefits of CoolSculpting. It airs today, every two hours on NY1. We are being inundated with patients making appointments to have the procedure for fat reduction.

see the interview at

and check out our CoolSculpting page and informative videos:      CoolSculpting .

By Sheryl Clark, MD
August 24, 2012
Category: Psoriasis
Tags: Crohn's Disease  

We already know that psoriasis is associated with heart attacks, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. A new study from the NIH, which followed 174,646 patients over time, suggests the Crohn's disease, another inflammatory disease, is four times more likely in patients with psoriasis than in individuals without psoriasis.

Metabolic Syndrome in Psoriasis


By Sheryl Clark MD
August 22, 2012

Two new studies demonstrate that massaging immediately after a CoolSculpting cryolipolysis procedure for fat reduction improves the results by 68%. We now incorporate a one-minute kneading massage followed by a one-minute circular massage immediately after removing the applicator in all of our patients.[tt_news]=133741&cHash=da03e20e36


By Sheryl Clark MD
August 22, 2012
Category: Laser Hair Removal
Tags: Ingrown Hairs  

Ingrown hairs can occur on any area of the body where hair is shaved, waxed, or plucked. They occur when coarse and/or curly hairs pierce the inside of the hair follicle as they are growing out.

We have many options to improve this condition in even the most severely affected individuals. These options include topically applied creams or gels such as Tazarac, Retin A, or Retinol, and glycolic acid; using shaving implements that don't shave quite as closely and discontinuing plucking and waxing; using depilatories; and having laser hair removal. In darker-skinned indiviuals, adding the prescription cream eflornithine prior to laser can increase the effectiveness without increasing the side effects.

If you do have laser hair removal, make sure you are having it in a doctors' office. It is illegal in NYS to perform laser hair removal without a physician's supervision. I have had to treat serious burns from IPL and laser treatments delivered in a spa setting. Many spas will undertreat rather than take the chance of burning the patient, which just results in the same numbers of hairs that are smaller and therefore harder to treat. You should not have to go for "maintenance:" 3 to 6 treatments are enough for most people, and the hairs should not come back afterwards.

No to "NoNo" home hair removal device