May 13, 2013
Category: Fillers

Here's an update on our newest filler,  Beletero. This hyaluronic acid filler spreads like spackle in the upper layers of the skin, making it perfect for the fine lines around the mouth and on the upper lip. Since it does not swell or become lumpy after injection, it is also great for the lips that need just a little more fullness (I am very careful to be conservative here), for shadows and bags under the eyes, or for a hooded eyelid above the eyes that needs a little lifting, as well as above the eyebrows, where we can develop depressions and wrinkling as we get older. Because it is composed of different size particles of hyaluronic acid, it intercalates and fills in all the little openings in the skin, leaving a very smooth finish. It also does not cause a Tyndall effect, which means it will look perfectly normal in color no matter how highly in the skin it needs to be placed.

I am very happy with this new filler, and so are my patients!

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