Chill Away the Fat

By contactus
August 07, 2011
Tags: liposuction  

We are having fantastic results with CoolScupting technique using the Zeltiq device.  We are seeing patients who are two, four and six months out from their procedures in follow up and they are very happy with the results.  They are getting 20 to 25 percent reduction in fat in the treated areas consistently, and the results are reproducible in that they don't vary from patient to patient.  It is not painful.  I am so happy that an approach has finally been found that is safe, not painful, and gives great results.  Two patients actually found that they lost 15 and 35 lbs afterward.  Obviously this was not due to the procedure itself, but they both felt that the procedure somehow made it easier for the weight to come off afterward.  This is very exciting, and certainly deserves further study.

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