Dermatologist From Upper East Side NY Explains Psoriasis

Dermatologist Upper East Side New York, NY

Psoriasis Awareness Month

As August is ending, Dr. Sheryl Clark, dermatologist in Upper East Side New York, encourages patients to learn more about psoriasis and how to properly manage this skin condition.  Each August, the National Psoriasis Foundation sponsors Psoriasis Awareness Month to raise awareness, encourage research and advocate for better care for people with psoriasis. 
Dr. Clark, an Upper East Side New York dermatologist, encourages patients to visit her office for further diagnosis and treatment of their skin conditions.  Psoriasis is a skin condition that creates red patches of skin with white, flaky scales.  It most commonly occurs on the elbows, knees and trunk, but can appear anywhere on the body.
Psoriasis is a persistent and chronic disease.  Symptoms can often improve, but can also go into remission alternating with times it may worsen.  For some people psoriasis is just a nuisance, but for others it is disabling.  While there is no cure, Dr. Clark is available to provide appropriate treatments that may offer significant relief of symptoms.
Dr. Clark is also uniquely aware of the association of psoriasis with other inflammatory conditions, including Crohn’s disease, arthritis, heart disease, stroke and metabolic syndrome.  She can assess your rash for any of these conditions.  Dr. Clark is interested in supplements and lifestyle choices that reduce inflammation and help you to live a long and vital life.
For more information on psoriasis or to schedule an appointment with dermatologist Dr. Sheryl Clark, patients can call (212) 750-2905.  As Psoriasis Awareness Month comes to an end, Dr. Clark encourages patients to visit her office for further diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis, as well as other treatments, such as CoolSculpting in Upper East Side New York.