Gluten Sensitivity without Intolerance

The concept of sensitivity to gluten without full-blown intolerance and celiac sprue or dermatitis herpetiformis is very interesting to me. I believe patients can develop hypersensitivity rashes and gastrointestinal symtoms of irritable bowel that improve with gluten avoidance.

Gluten Sensitivity Without Celiac Disease — A New Twist



Please note
By Peter Wolff
May 09, 2014
There is something wrong with the gluten free link to the left.
I checked it out
By Sheryl Clark
June 07, 2014
Hi Mr. Wolff! Thanks so much for reading I checked this post on a PC, and there is only one functional link, which does take you to the article on NEJM Journal watch. It is the underlined link. If you have more trouble, please let me know. Maybe you are using an ipad?