Ingrown hairs

By Sheryl Clark MD
August 22, 2012
Category: Laser Hair Removal
Tags: Ingrown Hairs  

Ingrown hairs can occur on any area of the body where hair is shaved, waxed, or plucked. They occur when coarse and/or curly hairs pierce the inside of the hair follicle as they are growing out.

We have many options to improve this condition in even the most severely affected individuals. These options include topically applied creams or gels such as Tazarac, Retin A, or Retinol, and glycolic acid; using shaving implements that don't shave quite as closely and discontinuing plucking and waxing; using depilatories; and having laser hair removal. In darker-skinned indiviuals, adding the prescription cream eflornithine prior to laser can increase the effectiveness without increasing the side effects.

If you do have laser hair removal, make sure you are having it in a doctors' office. It is illegal in NYS to perform laser hair removal without a physician's supervision. I have had to treat serious burns from IPL and laser treatments delivered in a spa setting. Many spas will undertreat rather than take the chance of burning the patient, which just results in the same numbers of hairs that are smaller and therefore harder to treat. You should not have to go for "maintenance:" 3 to 6 treatments are enough for most people, and the hairs should not come back afterwards.

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