No to "NoNo" home hair removal device

By Sheryl Clark MD
July 24, 2012
Category: Laser Hair Removal
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A recent study of the NO NO at home hair removal device showed that it was not better at removing hair than shaving.  To get long-lasting to permanent results, Dr. Clark recommends that you have laser (not light or other energy sources) treatment under the supervision of a dermatologist. In fact, NYS law requires that a physicina oversee the treatments, and New Jersey requires that only a doctor perform the treatment.  Spas will get around these laws and will sometimes even perform laser treatments illegally, using lower than effective doses so as to eliminate possible side effects, but in the process, just injuring rather than killing the hair, which makes it grow back smaller and harder to eliminate with further treatments. Or, they overshoot the ideal energy level and cause blistering. We have seen many of these patients in our practice.

Have a consultation today to discuss laser hair removal with Dr. Clark. It should only require three to 6 treatments to see long lasting or permanent results. 

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