Stop Teen Tanning in Booths!

By contactus
June 18, 2011
Category: Tanning Booths
Tags: melanoma  

Please contact your NYS senators and ask them to support legislation limiting teen visits to tanning booths. 14 to 18 year olds currently can visit booths with parental permission.  Yet using tanning booths prior to the age of 30 has been proven to increase one's risk for melanoma by 75 PER CENT!! I have seen pateints die from melanoma in their 30's who used tanning booths in their teens. Please do your part to help teenagers who just may not know better.  (The bill is A.1074,Weisenberg/S.2917, Fuschillo)


June 23, 2011
How many of these teens know what they are doing to themselves? There is surely a problem here.
They are teenagers
By Sheryl Clark MD
March 29, 2012
There is definitely a knowledge gap, but there are many other factors. There is a doctor who is very vocal in his support of the benefit of tanning booths for vitamin D production. What the public, including teens using the booths, often don"t know is that he is a paid consultant for the tanning industry. And of course there is the issue of doing what your peers do without regard to consequences. We need to teach our teens to think for themselves and hope that it sinks in sooner rather than later.