Welcome, Belotero

October 22, 2012
Category: Fillers

The new hyaluronic-acid filler for fine lines, Belotero, is here! This carefully-designed filler fills the need for injections of the superficial wrinkles we call rhytids, rather than the deeper furrows. This is the first time we have had a filler for these fine lines since the discontinuation of Cosmodern. It has been received the CE mark in Europe, and now is approved by the FDA.

Because, unlike other fillers, it intercalates between connective tissue bundles seamlessly, it spreads smoothly in the areas in which it is injected and does not form lumps or bumps. It is also an opaque filler in this skin, so that it can not cause any blue shadows. It is thus perfect for the hollows under the eyes.

Before & After Photos

Crow's Feet


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