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By Sheryl Clark, MD
August 28, 2012
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An interview with Dr Clark by Cheryl Wills of NY1 discusses the benefits of CoolSculpting. It airs today, every two hours on NY1. We are being inundated with patients making appointments to have the procedure for fat reduction.

see the interview at

and check out our CoolSculpting page and informative videos:      CoolSculpting .

By Sheryl Clark MD
August 22, 2012

Two new studies demonstrate that massaging immediately after a CoolSculpting cryolipolysis procedure for fat reduction improves the results by 68%. We now incorporate a one-minute kneading massage followed by a one-minute circular massage immediately after removing the applicator in all of our patients.[tt_news]=133741&cHash=da03e20e36


By contactus
July 16, 2012
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The FDA has just granted Zeltiq a new indication for CoolSculpting: the flanks!  CoolSculpting now has the FDA indication to remove deposits of fat at the flanks, or what we call the "love handles," as well as the abdomen.

We have seen a consistent, reproducible reduction in fat after a single treatment, of 20 to 26 per cent. This is without needles, anesthesia, or downtime. And there have not been any serious or permanent side effects.

Schedule your free consultation today with Dr. Sheryl Clark, a New York City dermatologist skilled in fat reduction.

For more information including testimonials, videos, and before and after photos, visit our CoolSculpting page CoolSculpting  and the CoolSculpting website .

By contactus
September 09, 2011
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We have a new video explaining the process by which Zeltiq eliminates fat deposits via cryolipolysis.  Please watch and share, and feel free to comment.


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